Chef Natalie

I provide an experience to connect with loved ones through food.

Air Force Veteran, Active-Duty spouse and mom to two always hungry children.

The love of cooking came from wanting to learn how to cook traditional meals for my children. My fondest memory is preparing a Sunday feast when our family would reunite. I remember watching grandma always hovered over a gigantic pot. Brother creating a heaping pile of pots in the sink as he cooked different dishes. Mom trying her best not to burn anything. Sister licking her fingers “taste testing” and getting them hit with grandma’s hot pot spoon. Chasing the dogs out the kitchen as they continuously tried to lick the floor clean. All while trying to keep the babies from crawling into the chaotic kitchen.

The Cook With Me mission is recreating this memory through  cooking classes and creating meaningful experiences while cooking with friends or family.

My Why

Being available for my children and experiencing adventures with them!

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